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  Our Equipment

Penticton Laundry has upgraded to the latest technology and industry leading systems designed by WASCOMAT and ELECTROLUX systems. Their superior construction, intelligent wash systems are and best in class laundry equipment.

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Commercial Washers

From small delicate loads to King size duvets we have the right machine for you. 

15  lbs - Fast & Efficient and great for delicates.

20 lbs - 2 Load Capacity
30 lbs - 3 Load Capacity
40 lbs washers - 4 Load Capacity 

60 lbs Washers - 6 Load and King size Duvet Capacity

Commercial Dryers

We have the BIG dryers. Our fast drying gentle giants will dry your clothes in no time. With low medium and high heat settings 

15  lbs Dryers - Small Delicate loads

30 lbs Dryers - 2 Load Capacity

50 lbs Dryers - 3-4 Load Capacity
80 lbs dryers - 4-6 Load and King Size Duvet Capacity

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commercial soap and cleaning

Our commercial automated systems are designed specifically for the hospitality industry. Our regulated soap dispensers automatically feed the perfect amount of disinfectants, soaps, fabric softeners that will clean the toughest stains and provide clean, safe, and ultra soft feel.


Ozone is a very powerful germ killer. It kills germs on contact. For really tough sanitizing jobs, the Fresh Gear patented process, utilizes beneficial ozone distribution via perforated tubes to direct high levels of ozone into the areas of protective gear that often make contact with the skin, thoroughly sanitizing the gear, reducing the risk of infection and removing the odors caused by bacteria build up

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